Silicon Valley Rocks! is Live

Get ready to rock, people! We have officially kicked off our Call for Bands. Put your name in the hat for a chance to play at the biggest end-of-the-year-bash or pass the word along…

Details: December 3 @ The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Up to 5 bands playing followed by drinks, DJs, and plenty of networking.

Since this is our first official post about this event, I will indulge with a brief history about the event. A few years ago, I followed a whim and signed up to participate in the amazing Ladies’ Rock Camp – a musically immersive weekend for 50 women held at the Rock’n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR.

The Dirty Courtneys - LRC 2007

The Dirty Courtneys - LRC 2007

Even if you can barely hold a chord on your guitar or are crippled with fear at the mic, you manage to form a band and name it (my favorite part); write an original song; and perform on the stage at Satyricon. Get this- no bands have ever flaked out – even if they are wetting their pants in the process – they all play. Why? The good people that run the RnRC4G (and many are volunteers) are committed to teaching and mentoring women and girls – building self-esteem, confidence, and a love for music.

After a few years of talking up LRC and playing in other groups here in San Francisco, I soon discovered that there is an entire network of people (read: tech folk) in the Valley who play for fun and for money. Why not hold a showcase featuring some of these bands to benefit music education? All the proceeds from Silicon Valley Rocks! will be donated to MuST – an amazing group that has worked hard for years to keep music education from getting cut out of the public schools.

As we gear up for the big night in December, come back to the blog to read more about the line-up, who’s involved, and the good work we’re doing to keep music alive for future generations.