Silicon Valley Rocks… and Shops! with Kaboodle

Besides sponsoring Silicon Valley Rocks, Kaboodle is a key participant in local TechCrunch, Blogher and TiE events. As one of the early pioneers of social shopping, Kaboodle believes in fostering innovation. A testament to that is Kaboodle’s CEO and co-founder, Manish Chandra, who generously mentors other entrepreneurs. Chandra is an alumnus of the Young Entrepreneur’s Association. He is also an active charter member of TiE and chairs the TiE Special Interest Group on Internet and New Media.

“With budget cuts in California and the elimination of special interest programs throughout our school system, Silicon Valley Rocks! allows us to give back to the community and not only encourage but also stimulate our youth’s interest in the music and the arts,” says Chandra.

Kaboodle has a rocker of its own: while most employees are “more adept at playing Rock Band instruments than real ones,” resident Kaboodler mightyj is the talented bass player of the slow-core, super-mellow band Coastal. Since forming in 1999, Coastal has performed everywhere from L.A. to England. “Whether we’re grooving to Coastal tunes or any other musician’s, music is extremely important to us. In fact, some of our favorite products we feature on are musically inspired or themed,” says Chandra.

Kaboodle is a strong supporter of music as part of any child’s complete education and advocates for the arts as a way to increase overall achievement, citing studies that consistently show students who participate in arts programs display significant increases in self-esteem and cognitive skills.

About Kaboodle

Kaboodle is the largest and fastest-growing online social shopping community where people discover, recommend and share products. At the heart of Kaboodle is its engaged community of passionate shoppers—nearly 11 million strong! Kaboodle offers a forum for people to connect and inspire each other through shared advice, product feedback and suggestions, and the ability to create and join groups. Members have wish lists, styleboards, polls and other cool widgets at their fingertips, all of which they can use to express their own unique style.