nSLASHa is searching for the cure for what ails music education

nslasha_october_2013_promoSMLRepresenting Apple, Paul MacLachlan and Todd Buller bring nSLASHa to the DNA stage this year with influences from Depeche Mode and Pretty Lights to Hans Zimmer and Johnny Cash.

Tell us about your band. How did you get started? How long have you been playing?
(Paul) nSLASHa started in my project studio, and I brought Todd on to help me bring it alive on stage. We’ve been playing together as nSLASHa live for just over a year. We both have a history of playing in the bay area in multiple bands.

Who are your major influences?
Depeche Mode, Com Truise, Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune in the music business?
We are searching for the cure.

What are your day jobs?
Systems/IT, Contracting

How does your music influence your work or vice versa?
Information technology can be creatively applied to the arts to connect with the public, like with mobile apps, to create engaging or compelling experiences.

Why is music education important?
Music education is CRUCIAL, because whats left of modern American “education” is a JOKE. Teaching children to be fearless in embracing creative processes can open their minds to their ability to think dynamically and originally, and apply those processes to things that can honestly make the world a better place. We have already worked with Mocktoberfest trying to raise money for music education, another reason why nSLASHa is such a good fit for this event.

What was your own experience learning music as a kid? Who flipped that switch in your brain?
Artists and music teachers. They were never afraid, their energy was always different & compelling. They were never afraid to let you into their world, How many history teachers do you remember on a first name basis???