Jupiter Noise Brings Post-Everything to the Present

Jupiter Noise is a four-piece, post-everything band from San Francisco. And, they revel in the ambiguity of the “post-everything” genre.

What exactly is the post-everything genre? Take a listen now.


The band has been playing together since 2016 and includes former members of Bay Area bands Cast of Thousands, Cervantes, and Pebble Theory who frequently performed together in the 2000s.

(An)drew is head of Design/UX at Womply.com. Burt is a SQL jockey and data analyst at a healthcare company. Manuel is the director of community action partnerships for Urban Services YMCA, and his duties include outreach to the tech industry. Mike is the sole proprietor of Rudd Kitchen and Bath.

Get tickets now to see Jupiter Noise play on Dec. 3 at Club Fox.