Hey, Ray Davies. You really got Minks!


Band Members: Jennifer Michalski, Cherie Lebow, Kristina Vukic, Linda Keys, Marie Drennan

Tech Industry Affiliations: Jaman, Autodesk

All Day and All of the Night

Set Me Free

SVR: Tell us about your band. How did you get started? How long have you been playing?

The Minks: Marie started the band after taking up drums and getting hooked. She recruited Jen from a Blue Bear School of Music band workshop they were in together; Jen kidnapped Linda away from her peaceful band-less life; and Cherie and Kristina had no idea what they were in for when they answered our ad for fresh Minks.

SVR: Who are your major influences?

The Minks: The Kinks, with some Pretenders thrown in as needed.

SVR: When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

The Minks: The band started in Marie’s basement and might have been a Who cover band, except that Keith Moon was a bit out of her range.

SVR: What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune—at least in the music business?

The Minks: We are seeking a cruise-ship gig, a prom gig, a Google holiday party gig, and a national Ikea tour (we’ve heard they do barbecues in the summer). And we want to open for Ray Davies next time he comes here. We love you, Ray!

SVR: What’s your day job?

The Minks: The Minks include a PR maven, a web wizard(ess), a writing professor, a biologist (and possible evil genius, we’re not sure but we have our suspicions), and a hotel biz executive.

SVR: How does your music influence your work or vice versa?

The Minks: Cherie: Musicians, like other artists, can contribute to teams in the workplace by keeping a keen eye on innovation and creativity and we can knock out a little Hotel California at office parties.

SVR: Why is music education important?

The Minks: So children today can rock the world tomorrow. Kids participating in music benefit from better self-discipline and higher learning. Music can help with language, math skills, creativity, problem solving, and general intellectual development.

SVR: What was your own experience learning music as a kid? Who flipped that switch your brain?

The Minks: Linda: Piano lessons were a required part of my upbringing, and I always loved everything about music.