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Breaking Lights: Orchestral Wave and Symphonic Elements

Breaking Lights is a shoegaze, post-punk band from San Francisco, CA. Their music combines a mix of nostalgic sounds hearkening back to bands like The Cure, New Order, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive but with a more modern spin. The band takes those familiar senses and combines them with a symphonic element showcasing these genres in a new light called “orchestral wave.”

The four members of Breaking Lights have been playing together for three years and met through mutual friends. Band members include:

*Orlando Cerecedes, Controller @ Shay Glenn LLP – Patent law firm focused on Silicon Valley
*Serena Joshi, Head of Marketing @ twoXAR
*Susie Kim, Senior User Experience Researcher @ Trulia
*Andrew U’Ren, Head of Brand and Product Design/UX @ Womply

Have a listen.

This Friday September 14th at Bottom of the Hill. Advanced tickets available! #breakinglights #breakinglightssf #shoegaze #postpunk #orchestralwave #supportlocalmusic #bottomofthehill

Posted by Breaking Lights on Saturday, September 8, 2018


See Breaking Lights at Silicon Valley Rocks on December 3 at Club Fox. Get tickets here

Coverflow: Antics + Medleys = Crowd Love

Coverflow is a long-standing friend to Silicon Valley Rocks! and one of the most authentically “tech” bands in the lineup.

*Raj Kapoor (vocals) – Chief Strategy Officer at Lyft; former VC @ Mayfield
*Christina Dunham (vocals) – Sr. Strategy Director @ ANX (former HealthTap, Froomz)
*Pang Her (vocals) – recruiting & BD @25/8,a recruiting firm for UX professionals
*Tim Chang (bass, Kitara) – VC @ Mayfield
*Jack Dunham (bass) – DevOps @ HealthIQ (former Google, Microsoft)
*Kristian Segerstrale (keys) – CEO @ Super Evil Megacorp
*Ethan Beard (guitar) – leading platform @ Ripple (former Facebook, Google)
*Prashant Fuloria (guitar) – COO @ Fundbox and former Yahoo, Google, Facebook
*Chris Doell (drums) – Head of Global Customer Success @ Cisco
The band is all about high energy covers and remixes to get people dancing. And, they specialize in mesmerizing medleys and silly stage antics which the crowd loves.

Coverflow met a tech conference called The Lobby that hosted a jam session one year. Since the band sounded half-decent, they decided to make it a thing. Now, Coverflow has been playing for over 10 years – longer than any of them can really remember!

Check out their first music video.


See Coverflow on Dec. 3 at Club Fox. Get tickets here.


See Coverflow at Silicon Valley Rocks on December 3 at Club Fox. Get tickets here.