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2011 – It’s a wrap!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Silicon Valley Rocks 2011! Together we raised nearly $30,000, and 100% of the proceeds support Music in Schools Today. If you missed the event, but would still like to donate to the cause, it’s not too late. You can do so here: 

Special thanks to Ed Jay and Ken Yeung for their photos:

Favorite kudo:

“I really love what you are doing—not just that it is a charity for a good cause, but you have captured a unique audience and keep a vibe and feel to it, that I imagine the performers really like—and it keeps them coming back.” – Michele  Maguire, UBM TechWeb


2011 LINE-UP

Opening DJ: Kid Kameleon

The Barricades: The Barricades is a collaboration of songwriters from local independent bands. They are an indie pop group that showcases luscious vocal harmonies with thoughtful songwriting and arrangements, creating a sound sure to quench your sonic palette. Read more about The Barricades.
Tech affiliations: Twilio

100%: Often compared to Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr., this Bay Area original band rocks harder than an earthquake. Read more about 100%.
Tech affiliations: SAY Media

Allen Mask: 20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop. Read more about Allen Mask.
Tech affiliations: Google

Ingar Brown & the Future Funk:  Funk, hip-hop, soul, dance and R&B all wrapped up in an eclectic box that’s ready to get any party started. Read more about Ingar Brown & the Future Funk.
Tech affiliations: Mashery

Coverflow: Energetic and fun cover band who has made the tech-party circuit. Read more about Coverflow.
Tech affiliations: Mayfield, Facebook, Blippy, Dropbox

feedbomb:  Hackers by day, rockers by night, feedbomb features past and current FBers, who even got a nod from MTV. Read more about feedbomb.
Tech affiliations: Facebook, Quora, R to Z Media

Open Source Band: SVRocks’ original collaborative effort. Read more about Open Source Band.
Tech affiliations: Walden Venture Capital, GigaOM, LyricFind

Fox Picnic: With their classic rock ‘n roll style, their music ranges from AC/DC to Black Keys and from Jet to OK Go. Read more about Fox Picnic.
Tech affiliations: Songbird, Adobe

And read more about the 2011 bands here.

Every year, we bring together musicians from the tech community—VCs, entrepreneurs, developers—to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MUST). Every year, we raise around $30,000 to keep music in the schools. Bands have hailed from Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Norwest Venture Partners, Walden Venture Capital, Gracenote, MOG and more.

All proceeds for Silicon Valley Rocks are donated to Music in Schools Today (MUST). MUST is the Bay Area’s answer to the crisis in music education. Despite extensive research indicating that music instruction supplies intellectual, emotional and physical components critical to children’s development, music and arts programs are often the first victims of budget cuts. MUST advocates for, supports and develops integrated, accessible, sustainable and measurable music-in-education programs that improve student achievement.

Who Can Say No to Music and Education?

The answer is…lots of people. Especially those who don’t understand how music can expand kids’ minds, develop creativity, teach discipline and tenacity, and actually improve test scores. To educate about on the cause behind Silicon Valley Rocks!, I’d like to share a bit about Music in Schools Today. That’s where the proceeds are headed.

What they do:

  • MuST reaches over 15,000 San Francisco Bay Area children a year with a variety of music programs in schools and community centers.
  • They recycle used musical instruments into schools. They hand tailor programs to meet individual school or center needs. MuST works especially with at-risk youth in our music circle program. We help the school to network into the community through children’s performances and after-school guitar & percussion classes. They spend a huge amount of time and money training teachers to integrate music into education.
  • “Music plus music integration” is one of their newest and most exciting programs. Schools integrate and involve music in every phase of learning from math to science to language arts. Music is involved throughout the school day and parents are invited to participate with their children in school learning centers with inviting music rooms and music gardens.
  • They have been have been a lead creator in a Music in Education National Consortium program that is unique, cutting-edge and transforming music education in the United States. It is currently being used in over 600 schools in 6 states.

The results:

  • A four-year study of 1,000 of our Bay Area at-risk “music circle” students indicated that these middle school students scored more than 50% better on GPA, and 50% better in attendance rate. The average rate for these children ending up in Juvenile Hall is 30% but for our children, it was 1%.

Why we need to support MuST:

  • I don’t think I need to explain what happens to public education when the economy is weak. What are your thoughts, personal experiences, comments about why music should be part of a school curriculum? Leave a comment.