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Feedbomb: The Original Facebook Band Still Grooves On

Feedbomb, another Silicon Valley Rocks! band, was once 100% Facebookers. But that was back in 2011. And now the band has regrouped—some of the same members but employed elsewhere—to play at Silicon Valley Rocks!

This year’s player lineup includes:

– Peter Chung
– Sean Chaffin – Stripe
– David Ebersman – Lyra
– Eric Zamore – Facebook

Feedbomb is known for pop/rock, great performances, and showmanship. At Silicon Valley Rocks! 2011, they performed a take-off on Carlie Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe with lyrics penned by friend and journalist, Owen Thomas.  Have a listen.

"Fund Me Maybe"

"FUND ME MAYBE" – our parody of "Call Me Maybe"I just dropped out of Cornell; Told all my teachers, oh wellTook Peter Theil’s startup deal; And now I’m on my wayAirBNB for a couch; I’m not a programming slouchThis Uber driver’s a grouch; But still I’m on my wayTumblr blog for postin’; Amazon for hostin’Philz coffee roastin’; Where you think you’re going, angel?!<<Chorus>> Hey, I just launched this; My idea’s crazyBut here’s my startup; So fund me, maybePaul Graham just looked at my deckSaid all my slides were a wreckThen he said, what the heck; And now I’m in YCAn Android dev from the G; A product guy from FBSome guy just cold emailed me; His name was Ron Conway5-star app rating; TechCrunch comment hatingD Conference presenting; Now it’s time for liquidating!<<Chorus>><<Bridge>> Before you funded the round; I missed you so badAnd you should know that; I missed you so, so badLyrics by Owen ThomasPerformed at Silicon Valley Rocks! 2012

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See Feedbomb at Silicon Valley Rocks on December 3 at Club Fox. Get tickets here

Breaking Lights: Orchestral Wave and Symphonic Elements

Breaking Lights is a shoegaze, post-punk band from San Francisco, CA. Their music combines a mix of nostalgic sounds hearkening back to bands like The Cure, New Order, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive but with a more modern spin. The band takes those familiar senses and combines them with a symphonic element showcasing these genres in a new light called “orchestral wave.”

The four members of Breaking Lights have been playing together for three years and met through mutual friends. Band members include:

*Orlando Cerecedes, Controller @ Shay Glenn LLP – Patent law firm focused on Silicon Valley
*Serena Joshi, Head of Marketing @ twoXAR
*Susie Kim, Senior User Experience Researcher @ Trulia
*Andrew U’Ren, Head of Brand and Product Design/UX @ Womply

Have a listen.

This Friday September 14th at Bottom of the Hill. Advanced tickets available! #breakinglights #breakinglightssf #shoegaze #postpunk #orchestralwave #supportlocalmusic #bottomofthehill

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See Breaking Lights at Silicon Valley Rocks on December 3 at Club Fox. Get tickets here